Create a stunning wreath with this complete live succulent wreath mayKIT.  What could be better than the beauty of lush green succulents growing in your home?  Bring your space to life with this easy to care for living succulent wreath.  The moss covering keeps you plants moist and happy between waterings so you can enjoy the beauty of this low-maintenance wreath without a lot of fuss.  Simply spray it liberally with water once a week and it will bring you months of enjoyment.  These make lovely wall hangings as well as stunning center-pieces.  Order your mayKIT today and bring the vibrance of the outdoors in.  Finished size: 14"


Comes in sets of 5 mayKITs ($85 ea.)


Each Kit Includes:

Wreath Base

Assorted Mosses

Floral Pins

10 Live Succulent Plants*

Complete Instructions


*Succulents may arrive seperately

Live Succulent Wreath mayKIT (Set of 5)

  • Succulents are generally easy to care for, the most common mistake people make is overwatering them.  Thanks to the design of this wreath, that's really hard to do, the moss covering provides just enough moisture to nourish your plants and keep them happy.  These wreaths only need watering about once per week.  The recommended watering method is to put the wreath in the sink at night, spray it liberally (but gently) with water and let drip-dry overnight.  In the morning, return your wreath to it's spot in your home and enjoy.  Succulents should kept be in a sunny area, but do not need direct sunlight.  If you keep them in an area where they receive direct sunlight, they may need more frequent watering.  Wreaths may be hung outside, but take care not to leave them out when the temperature gets near freezing. It is not recommended to place these wreaths in between a glass door and another door during the summer months as the temperature will likely damage the plants.


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