You'll fall in love with making these amazing sugar scrubs!  What could be better than relaxing in a warm bath with the soothing scents of herbal goodness scrubbing away your tension.  With this kit you will create individual handmade sugar scrub bars and scent them to perfection with your own unique blend of three fragrant essential oils.  There are also three primary color liquid soap dyes and a color mixing chart so you can make any color in the rainbow.  This kit makes 10+ sugar scrub bars, so there is plenty of room for you to experiment!


Comes in sets of 5 mayKITs ($50 ea.)


Each Kit Includes:

1 lb Soap Base

1 lb Sugar

3 Essential Oils (15 ml each)

1 Microwave Safe Silicone Measuring Cup

1 Wooden Stir Stick

1 Crinkle Cut Tool

3 Silicone Molds

3 Liquid Colorants

1 Spray Bottle of Alcohol

DIY Sugar Scrub Bar mayKIT (Set of 5)


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