Cabin fever

We’re all getting a little stir-crazy in the camper, so we decided to stop for a few nights at a hotel in Cooktown. Finding a room on 2 hours notice in the high season in a town with only 4 hotels is a bit of a tall order, so we’re at a motel at the Big 4 campground (Australia’s version of the KOA.) Cinderblock walls, 3 beds and a TV have never looked so inviting!

We’ve ended up back-tracking quite a bit as our travel plans have had to change. When we picked up the camper, they told us we couldn’t drive it anywhere but the east coast, so our plans for Darwin and Ularu were down the drain. Not so bad, really though, as we were beginning to rethink our route anyway (yes, we did finally figure out that driving literally to the middle of nowhere to see one big rock wasn’t going to be as much fun as it sounds.) So we’re following the weather and staying in far north Queensland but our route looks like a zig-zag between Cairns and Port Douglas and parts surrounding. Tomorrow, we’re off to see some 30,000 year old Aboriginal rock art and will pass through the same town for the 3rd and 4th times in the process. Glad we have some time to wander!


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