Ready for some easy math?

Creativity = Productivity



No, Silly.  Science...

How do we do it?

Unlike many other popular "team-building" activities, people actually look forward to ours.  You don't need protective headgear, we won't put you in embarrassing or compromising positions, and we won't crank your office politics up to 11. 


What we offer is a fun, collaborative, supportive activity where your team can excel and share a positive learning experience with each other.  Our craft workshops level the playing field, promote collaboration, encourage personal expression, offer team members the opportunity to show off their creativity, and leave everyone with a sense of accomplishment.  


So ditch the ropes courses, the trust falling, and the escape rooms and book a team-building workshop where your group can bond through the experience, not commiserating over how lame it was.  

Science like...

According to Harvard: "Imagination and creativity are the catalysts for transforming knowledge into insights, valuable ideas, and successful implementation."

Studies have shown that supporting and encouraging creativity in your workplace can boost productivity by as much as 20%.

Leading Business Publications have recognized creativity and play as a vital necessity in a productive and innovative workplace.  According to Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Monster and Harvard, some of the key benefits of adding creativity and play to your work environment are:

when employees have the opportunity to play, they actually increase their productivity, engagement and morale.
Playing with Matches

"The distance from “Ha ha” to “Ah ha” is short. It is often the fun of the unexpected that leads to the novelty of new ideas and thus innovation."

Build a Craft,

Build your Team

  • Projects can be tailored to be relevant and inspirational to your work and your team members.                                                               

  • We can work with large or small groups of diverse individuals.                                                                                            

  • Craft items are a great physical reminder of a positive working experience.                                                                           

  • We come to you!  No need to make travel arrangements, we bring the party to you.                                                                  

  • Team members feel a sense of accomplishment.


Join our Crafter's Alumni


4 Easy Steps to Plan your Party

  1. Gather your office team members and choose your craft for a day of stress-free creative bonding.

  2. Contact us here or call 919-626-8585 to book your party.

  3. Pay the $100 security deposit online to reserve the date. (The remaining balance will be due the day of your event).

  4. Get ready to party on the day of the event! The Devilish Egg will provide all the crafting materials and equipment, all you do is have fun with your team!


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Team Building Please!


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are temporarily suspending all events until further notice.  Once it is safe to gather together again, we look forward to hosting your next fantastic get-together.  Until then, stay safe and be kind to each other.

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